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Primate Homo Sapiens Civilization

The purpose of this site is to discuss the general laws of human civilization development. What are the general laws of development of human civilization on earth? Let's think over this.

Good to remember that people on earth constitute only a small component of a huge living organism that bears the name of the universe, in which all parts are in constant interaction and transformation. For a start, let's try to talk about and understand what a man is and try to analyze the underlying ideas of the major religious and philosophical doctrines developed by humans during observable past.

Who are we? Are we just biped mammals with a high capacity of adaptation to the environment and a desire to understand the incomprehensible, or a divine creation, lowered to the ground for the construction of a harmonious highly advanced civilization?
That is good to look for the answers for the following questions:
  • Who are we and what are our roots?
  • What is the world in which we live?
  • What future do we prepare for ourselves?
In scientific circles a view exists that the first humans, capable of making tools, appeared on earth about 1.75 million years ago in the places which we know now as Tanzania.
Neanderthal - a fossil human inhabited earth 140-24 thousand years ago.
Cro-Magnons – the early representatives of modern humans in Europe and partly abroad, lived 40-12 thousand years ago (the Early Paleolithic period). Brain volume was 1200-1500 cm, height about 180 cm. (6')
Recently, it is believed that modern man in Europe carries the genes of both representatives coexisting on the planet for 10-15 thousand years.
Human population on earth is about 7 billion individuals.
The amount of accumulated knowledge is called the level of civilization and can be divided into components:
  • Scientific and technical culture;
  • Culture of economic and social relationships;
  • Culture of work and welfare;
  • Culture of everyday life and relationships;
  • Physical culture and food consumption culture;
What is the level of development of the modern man in terms of balance of animal origin and the divine soul? And what should be the balance? One cannot get rid of animal origin, but it is no longer possible to go back to the primitive man. However, has the modern man a right to neglect the laws of nature to invade the life without dip understanding of the basics of this life? The fatal step in the development of the mankind was the invention of the tools of murder, which moved the man into a different branch of the animal kingdom - a predator.

Unlike other members of this order, people use the death tools to kill other people. And this fact tore human society from the normal laws of nature and it seems that discord with nature leads to more serious consequences, which may become irreversible and lead to the death of the present civilization. Humanity is sitting on the top of the volcano of the invented nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and is subjected to the temptation of using it.

The Earth is approaching the Aquarius era. Will humanity be able to reach the level of development of Homo Conscious, and indeed live up to this era, starting at about 2150?
Everything depends on us, on the level of our consciousness and understanding of the laws of our Mother Nature.
To assess the level of development we can try to use the following formula:

SC = (Kn * Rsp)/Pw * Vn * Ag

  • SC – self-consciousness;
  • Kn - knowledge of the fundamental laws of nature (from zero to one );
  • Rsp - respect for others (from zero to one);
  • Pw - lust for power (from 1 to infinity);
  • Vn - vanity (from one to infinity);
  • Ag - aggression (from 1 to infinity)
That is, the level of a man development is the product of his knowledge of the fundamental laws of nature and respect for the people, divided by the product of his lust for power, vanity and aggression.

Using this formula, everyone can estimate the level of one's own development and one's contribution to the overall development. If we wish to construct a harmoniously developed society, it is necessary to begin with our own development.
A man is always a mixture of animal origin with the divine soul and it is impossible to separate one from the other and is important to find the right balance. What prevails in each of us depends only on us. That's why, to understand this in more details, it is worth to try to think over the issues set forth in the section "journalism":
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