Portret George Danilov
Curriculum Vitae

Experience and Employment
02.10 - 02.11. BIOE, University of Washington, USA, in the position of visiting scientist.
Research in water properties with three major directions:
1. Water droplets coalescence and air bubbles in water, accomplished with the manuscript.
2. Studies of water distillation and filtration processes, accomplished with the manuscript: “Change of Water Colligative Properties in Filtration and Distillation Processes”.
3. Analysis of interfacial area of water and nafion, accomplished with the manuscript: “Protonated water in the nafion-water interfacial area”.

09.09 - 01.10. Physics Faculty of Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov, in the position of Research scientist. Research in physics of particles.

02.09 - 07.09. High school named after Russian mathematician Kolmogorov (Scientific-educational Center of MSU) in the position of High school Teacher of physics and math, teaching students to physics in English language and preparing them for international conferences and competitions on physics.

08.07 – 05.08. International Boarding School of Malta, in the position of High school Teacher of physics, math and IT.

11.03 – 08.07. Physics Faculty of Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov, in the position of Research scientist. Research in Water properties using IR cameras and other non-invasive technics.

06.2000 - 11.03. Biology Faculty of Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov in the position of Research scientist. Research in Water properties using photon multiplication technics.

03.97- 05.2000. BelBart Ltd. (Moscow).Vice-director on foreign trade (vice-CEO). Job fulfilled: Foreign trade management.

03.94 - 05.96. Commercial bank "Flamingo Bank", Moscow. Position: executive chairman (CEO). Job fulfilled: Bank management.

01.91 - 03.94. Commercial bank Yakimanka, Moscow. Position: executive vice-chairman (Vice-CEO). Job fulfilled: Banking technologies design and implementation.

04.90 - 01.91. Techprotect Ltd., Moscow. Position: Director General (CEO). Job: business management. Filed of work: Inventions commercialization.

09.85 - 04.90. Geology Faculty of Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov. Position: senior engineer. Job fulfilled: 1. Design and service of crystal growing systems; 2. Service of Crystal powder x-rays spectrometers.

10.82 – 09.85. Institute of Black Metallurgy. Position: Group supervisor. Job fulfilled: program manager of ultrasonic testing equipment design and testing.

09.79 – 10.82. Research laboratory of Physics faculty of MSU. Position: Research scientists. Job fulfilled: Studies in traveling waves tubes based on relativistic electron beams.

01.73 – 09.79. Research laboratory of Physics faculty of MSU. Position: engineer. Job fulfilled: Studies in the systems of noise convolution.

09.69 – 01.72. Educational laboratory in Physics faculty of MSU. Position: a technician on service of educational equipment including: low power klystrons, magnetrons, backward waves generators and traveling waves tubes, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, microwave resonators and guide lines.

09.65 – 08.69. Yauzski Institute of Radiotechnics, Moscow. Position: a technician on service of high power klystrons and magnetrons, micro-wave lines connections and power attenuation and redistribution, microwave phased antenna arrays.

Basic education
Year InstitutionSpecialization Degree
1973 - 1978Physics Faculty of Moscow State
University named after M.V. Lomonosov
Physics of Electronics Master of Physics
1965 - 1972Moscow Institute of Radiotechnics,
Electronics and Automation

Additional Education and trainings
Year&duration Institution Specialization Degree
a month
Investment Training Institute - Nash, Inc. USA Series 6 Registered Representative
seven weeks
Russian - American Bankers' Forum
Highest school on banking and finance
Fairfield University, CO, USA
banking and finance .
60 hours
Moscow Financial Academy
Moscow, Russia
accounting, bank operation .
a month
International Finance&Banking School
with European Bank Training Network
basic of banking .
1983 - 1985
two years
Maurice Thorez State Linguistic
University, Moscow, Russia
Translation English-Russian Translator


Experimental Physics: research work and experimental design, that include major measurement techniques, such as: computer-based measurements and visual observations, multimeters, oscilloscopes, magnetometers, pH-meters, lasers, optical and electronic microscopes, X-ray diffractometers and scintillation counters, NMR spectrometers and tomographs, microwave generating and multiplying electronics and measuring devices, X-ray to IR spectrometry and spectroscopy.
Engineering: designing of mechanisms and devices, automation of experimental setups.

Computer skills: Profound knowledge of IT technologies and hardware. Good knowledge of all basic software programs (experience of work with PC - since 1985)

Possession of languages:

Russian - native
English – free writing and spoken skils
French – base.

The strongest sides of professional activity: organizational abilities, aspiration for permanent development.

Professional interests:

In experimental physics: the strongest is research in the field of Water physical properties and human microbiom studies

In engineering: interest to design of innovative mechanisms and devices using renbewable energy and design and construction of sustainable individual houses.